Equipping the next generation

"We at Norwegian Settlers Church are a church that has a heart for children and young people and believe that they are the church of today who are going to bring about change to those around them and the world. We value teaching biblical truths in a relevant and fun environment and building healthy and positive relationships where every child feels seen and loved."



Lesson: 5

19 September 2021


 The Case of the Unbearable Sacrifice


Lesson: 4

12 September 2021


God had called Gideon to lead the Israelites. Gideon was uncertain and needed reassurance from God. Using the fleece of an animal, God once again did the impossible and gave Gideon the confirmation that he needed.

Lesson: 3

05 September 2021


God had promised Joshua and the Israelites victory over the five kings of the Amorites. Joshua believed God, even though there was not enough time in the day for the Israelites to win the battle. Joshua prayed for God to make the sun stand still and God answered his prayer. God “stopped time” in order for the Israelites to win the



Lesson: 2

29 August 2021

When detectives investigate a crime scent they are often looking for invisible clues like fingerprints…..our fingers leave prints everywhere we go and if a detective can find a finger print they can identify who was at the scene of the crime.


Lesson: 1

22 August 2021


Mysteries have always been fun to read about in stories and fun to watch on the
movies through the years




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Kids Ministries

NSC Kids Church, Jr.  Youth and Mom & Me life groups are currently closed due to the SA Lockdown. We will keep you updated as to when these groups will be meeting again.


“Let the little children come to Me! Do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

About NSC

We are a non-denominational Christian church based in Marburg, South Africa. At our core, we believe that the church body should be making an impact for the Kingdom in a broken world; being a city on a hill - a beacon of God's love and hope to all around.

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