Sharing the good news of our salvation through Jesus Christ. More than any other social program or help that we can give, the hurting world around us needs the spiritual healing and restoration that is only possible through the forgiveness that is made available by Jesus. This is the overriding motivation for all that we do in any of our ministries, whether we are welcoming visitors in the car park, caring for the patients in the Care Centre, or playing with kids at one of the community centres.

Additionally, we send and support more traditional missionary expeditions to various parts of the world where the message of Jesus is not as welcome, and we encourage everyone to get involved in supporting our missionaries by lifting them and their work up in prayer, and helping to meet the difficult and challenging needs that they face every day.

If you would like to find out more about how we spread the gospel and how you can get involved, please contact us!

About NSC

We are a non-denominational Christian church based in Marburg, South Africa. At our core, we believe that the church body should be making an impact for the Kingdom in a broken world; being a city on a hill - a beacon of God's love and hope to all around.